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illustration friday 11/30/2012

my giraffe friend, Andy. 1999-ish

me and Andy, circa 1999

I met a giraffe once at drive-thru safari park. His name was Andy. He jogged right up to our rental van and availed himself of the kibble we had purchased in the gift shop. I kissed him on the cheek and he nuzzled me back affectionately. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

I dedicate this week’s Illustration Friday entry to Andy– “stretch”.  He’ll show up in the children’s book I’m illustrating, along with a few friends of his own species.

Notice, please– this week’s entry is not a cat, which may be a rare thing given the current content of my sketchbooks. I am trying to branch out into other subject matters when I’m not working on the Loupotamus book. I was sorely tempted though,  to submit a little sketch I did of Vivvi stalking a toy from within her Fortress of Solitude.

angie brown | the Fortress of Solitude suffers no trespassers!

the Fortress of Solitude shall suffer no trespassers!


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