Explore, but beware of the Kraken

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This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “explore”.  I’ve seen some really cool stuff on Pinterest involving 3D materials photographed with a shallow depth of field. So I gave it shot and I like the way it turned out, but I think it could be better… My photography/lighting skills could use some work– but overall, I really enjoyed the process. So did Vivs.

Vivi on the set of a work in progress

Who released the Kraken?

For this project, I used craft paper, ink, chalk pencil, watercolor pencils, wire, a paper boat, tape, an art history book, snazzy fabric, a DSLR, and Photoshop*. I want to reshoot it again during daylight hours for the natural light, and maybe I’ll try a nice daytime sky behind her and polish up the composition a bit.

*cat Kraken not included in this list.


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