Illustration Friday: Glow

angie brown | ruel del chats

an old one, circa 2006 or -7ish

The three black kitties in this painting represent the boys I lived with at the time: Logan ”Fffatteh” McPhatterson, Hunter ”Schmelly” Schmellington, and dear Rumi, who was a gentleman and a scholar.

I used to paint a lot of architecture, mainly from my own photographs of Charleston and Italy. Then one day I decided that I was bored with architecture, of painting backgrounds with no foregrounds… And I was bored with oil on canvas, because painting was just so 1562. That’s when I started working with mixed media collage, mostly found and altered papers, gel transfers, and a little bit of paint. You can see that work over at my art | design site

Architecture still shows up occasionally in the backgrounds of my paintings, and every now and then I like to play and doodle with it in my sketchbook. I like breaking down the regular forms, busting up the predictable rhythms, and warping the perspective on curves.

angie brown | sketchbook

from photos of Amsterdam

This drawing was done as a 90/10 contour (90% of the time your eyes are on the subject, 10% on the paper. You can only look at the paper to place your pen, but not while drawing.) Then I dressed it up a bit with a thicker line and a little paint. Fun times!

angie brown | sketchbook

This one was drawn while standing in line two hours in the freezing cold to vote. I passed the time well with this little sketch of a photo I found on Pinterest.  Illustrating a children’s book is the perfect excuse to draw my beloved city scenes again. I can’t wait to visit Philly in the spring to feed my eyeballs on sketchbook fodder.