illofri: ocean

This week, the Illustration Friday theme is “ocean”. I was tempted to use the commission piece I’ve been working on, but it’s not quite ready for public consumption yet. I also thought about reworking the 3D illustration I did for the topic “explore,” but that was so recent, and I want to keep it fresh and interesting for my illofri peeps. Eventually I decided to create something new and use the opportunity to play with digital painting techniques.

angie brown |

I thought about using a hammerhead shark instead of the narwhal whale, but they seem a little too threatening, I think. Except for the goofy looking head, they pretty much look like …sharks. I like them though, so maybe I’ll do something with them in the future. Maybe a series…

In Loupotamus news, I’ve been working on the first few pages of the book and have some rather exciting stuff brewing. Here’s a little taste:

angie brown |

Loupotamus enjoys a snooze on the beach, wearing his doggles.


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